Little Steps for New Parents...

a week-by-week guide and journal for baby’s first year

A simple new parent instruction guide for healthy infant development (English and Spanish)

Used nationally by agencies working with at-risk and underserved parent populations

NPO’s, Public Health, Teen parents, Home visiting, New Parent Kits,

Child abuse and neglect prevention


A user friendly resource both

educators and parents will love.

“I feel like this book is talking to me and telling me what to do at the right time.”  teen mother

Based on scientific research, child development specialists suggestions and home visitors

concerns and ideas

Attractive, *64 pages * 8 1/2 x 11 *

Something to keep - the only

“baby book” many parents will ever have

3rd to 4th grade reading level.

Affordable!  $5.45 each

quantity discounts available

Little Steps’ week-by-week format coincides with baby’s age, giving parents information and ideas about their baby’s cognitive, emotional, and physical needs at that particular time. Parents can write each week about their baby’s special and exciting development.

Little Steps is being used nationally -

a simple and practical addition to any program.

A great way to begin a positive relationship for home visiting and/or an inexpensive way to give parents the information they need about their new baby.  Some of our customers...

Little Steps is easily integrated into most home visiting programs

or simply distributed to new parents

as an inexpensive way to give

them simple and practical

information for healthy development for baby’s first year.

“What a terrific book.

The idea of giving busy new parents bits of useful information on a weekly basis is simply brilliant!”

Wade Horn, Ph. D.

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